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Don’t let your brain lie to you.

March 4, 2016

Changing the lies your brain is telling you is a life long process.

Some of us have this “bitch” in our head that tells us lies. And with out a strong self esteem,  we tend to believe the “bitch” in our head.

My lies I might hear are different than your lies you might hear.  They are so silent and sneaky you don’t realize you are hearing them.  They are like the subliminal messages that are put in some commercials.

Self esteeme is weird.  We can go for long periods of time where we think we are strong and solid in this area.  Then there is the back slide that happens.  You don’t feel it happening because it happens a little bit at a time. It’s not like an “all at once” sort of thing.  It’s not like one day you’re strong and confident and then eight hours later it’s gone.  It’s more gradual than that.  More piece by piece, bit by bit. (Why the pieces are disappearing is a whole new conversation )

Then one day you run up against a situation that hits you hard,  harder than say, just six months  before.  Something has happened in that short time period.  Something that you didn’t see or feel,  but it was wreaking havoc on your self esteeme.  That little “bitch” in your head had been filling the small little cracks in your self esteem with lies. Filling those little cracks up little by little. Creating bigger cracks, like pot holes,  until that day you need all your self esteem to confront a situation and it’s gone. You’re a limp noodle.  Damn that “bitch ” in your head!  Damn myself for letting her get into ANY cracks. Damn myself for even LETTING there be cracks.

This life long process of fighting the “bitch” in your head, who is telling you lies,  shouldn’t be something to be ashamed of. Shame will never help keep the cracks out of your self esteeme.  Shame only helps create them,  for that little “bitch” in your head lol.

Where to go from here to fill up those cracks and potholes in your self esteeme?  Good question.




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  1. Ang permalink

    You are so very right. Thanks for having this blog.


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