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Do smart kids lie more? This cat thinks so.

March 1, 2016

Do you have an intelligent, imaginative story teller of a child  that gets caught up in lies frequently?

If ya think about it,  those really imaginative brains come up with some pretty amazing story lines. Dragons, hobbits, apocalyptic ravages and survival!

Maybe kids with the most imaginative, smart brains are prone to quick-witted and rapid fibs.

 Ya never know!

Can a kid of 12 yrs old distinguish between a fantasy world in a story they are writing, and the truth in the real world?  Or a made up Xbox game they are into that month and the real world game rules?

Doctors and scientists say they can.

We know at 12 yrs old their brains are not fully developed. And they have this amazing ability to come up with fictional stories so easily. It’s not a big jump for those brains to,  just as quick and easy, come up with that quick lie in response to a parents’ investigative questioning.  I’m not even sure they  are aware they are about to tell a huge lie, til it comes out of their mouth.

They don’t have the much needed, split second, pump-the-brakes, moment that would disengage the lie about to vomit out .  They just don’t have the brain development yet. They have the IQ of an author and a scientist, but not the brain development to make the right decisions all the time.


Dr. Michael Lewis of Robert Wood Johnson Medical School, has found that as many as 65 percent of the children he studied had learned to lie by age two and one half. This research also reveals a correlation between higher IQ and the incidence of lying in children.

Read more:


Lets not get our panties in a bunch! Not ALL brainy, clever story tellers are quick and effortless with the lies!

But I do KNOW my own son has an amazing imagination, and pretty darn smart too, that this very bias mom has ever seen. The story lines, he comes up with for stories he writes, are deep, vivid, and intricate. His reading ability has been at 12th grade since 4th grade.

As are his lies! lol…  Here’s a story for you!

A couple weeks ago my daughter and I were out of the house for a couple hours. My son was left alone. He’s 12 and has been left alone many times. With no incidents. He is a really good kid.

However- when arriving home,the minute I walked in the door he went right into an explanation of how the cat was scratching at the kitchen counter. He didn’t know what the cat was doing. On examination, he noticed a chunk taken out of the corner of the counter.

So let me get this straight! An eleven pound cat scratched a chunk out of a counter top?  Many holes in this story  bolted out at me right away.

  1. You know there is something wrong right away when the minute you walk in you get an explanation thrown at you. Alerts go off!
  2. I realize our counters aren’t all that up to date. They are not granite, quartz, or even tile. Just the run-of-the-mill 1994 laminate. Soooo needing replaced. Even more now.
  3. Hmmm, the cat HAS lost weight. Maybe when the she was at her heaviest she might have, maybe, been able to jump really hard on the counter and do some damage. But she’s a whole 2 pounds lighter. A svelte 9 pounds.  Poor girl, getting blamed for a chunk out of the counter.
  4.  And this is the biggest  hole in his story-my kitchen knives are not in their particular order in the drawer right below the big chunks. Hmmm, wonder why? Did someone perhaps move them?

Then the truth starts to come out! 

Twelve year old kids apparently don’t know that knives can hurt counters! So as one twelve year old wanted to cut open a banana (because that’s what he does- cuts them instead of peeling them open. go figure) he thought “oohhh I’ll just wack this on the counter like in the movies I see, in my stories I write, and nothing will happen. Just like in those made up stories.”




YEAH!  The CAT did THAT! lol lol. 

Not sure the fascination with wielding about a large knife as you listen to dramatic, instrumental music from a typical, sword fighting movie sound track.

Oh wait! I just figured out the fascination  .lol Silly me.

Besides an apology to me, I also made him apology to poor Coco Fat kitty for throwing her under the bus for his antics.

What lies has your “smart” kid come up with, that amazed you?  There’s almost pride in the detail of some stories.. don’t lie! you think so lol


I'm too cute to be blamed!

I’m too cute to be blamed!











Click to access LyingAndDishonesty.pdf






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    Loved it!


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