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Parents CAN make mistakes too.

January 19, 2016

What would you consider one of the most damaging things your parent(s) had said to you as a child?
This article is interesting. I can’t recall anything as horrible as these statements.
But my mom told me once I was just like my sister , and that has stuck with me.
My sister always used to call me goody two shoes. That might sound like something good to called.


I know with my 12 year old ,Cooper, we’ve  changed from telling him he’s “so smart”. I used to do that a lot. Thinking I was being positive. In reality, as it has turned out, like the person in the article said , if anything doesn’t come easy to him, then there must be something wrong with him, because he is “the smart one” ,so everything must come easy. A few years ago we started saying he was a hard worker instead. But he still has issues with tackling something that is difficult, get’s flustered, no study habits. Because he hasn’t had to yet. but things are getting tougher in middle school in challenge math.

Don’t let what is said to you as a child dictate who you grow into as an adult. All parents do the best they know how. not all have the best information themselves.

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One Comment
  1. Ang permalink

    I get and totally, can relate. Ex and daughter do this all the time. More brain smarts then street sense. For dear daughter it is evening out finally. I am so glad, for that.
    Wishing for time and patient for all.


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